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separated at birth?

(Image source: Wikipedia, with authorship attributed to a defunct URL and LadyofHats)

I’m ready for a detox.  What seemed laughable before the inauguration is now full-on sickening. Less than a week in office and the poison of the lies, delusions, self-aggrandizing, tantrums, stupid wall, etc. of our so-called leader is overwhelming.  (Oh, but if taxpayers are going to fund a major investigation into voter fraud, there’ll be a recount, right?)  Thank you journalists for keeping the record, but I gotta pay less attention for mental health reasons.  (and thank you nytimes mobile app for taking a brief break from Trumpasaurus Rex as the top attention-monger to honor Mary Tyler Moore yesterday.)

In other quality-of-life decisions, my next home computer is going to be a Mac.  I don’t care how much more expensive it is.  After the experience with my work computer over much of the past year, every since Windows 10 forced itself on there uninvited one day while I was out on my lunch break, and the subsequent updating behavior and what it has cost me (or rather my employer) in terms of work productivity, I will pay what it takes to avoid a Microsoft operating system at home.

(End of rant.)



  1. Yeah I might have to take a bit of a break this weekend. It’s exhausting. But I also have to buckle down and figure out how to best utilize my abilities to protest and get to work on it (part time). Take care Homey!!

    • Good for you for planning to protest. I didn’t make time for the march last weekend and also want to figure out how to do something constructive. Maybe regular letter-writing, and supporting advocacy organizations, and participating in the next protest. There’s some talk of one of his hotels being built in Seattle, ugh. Hopefully just talk.

      Ong he’s in your neck of the woods today, isn’t he? Hope you aren’t impacted by that. ________________________________

      • yeah he’s in Philly. I heard about it earlier this week but I have a busy week and also kinda forgot about it too. I need to make a list of calls to make. There are lists online and scripts and stuff and I need to weed thru all that and find the relevant stuff, pick a couple causes and work on that. I signed up at to try to get local districts to vote democrat in 2018 so I have to see what involvement I can manage there. Not much of an activist but I think it’s time to start.

        • Same here about not being much of an activist but it being time to start. Omg. Today I did start giving money to Planned Parenthood.

        • yeah I am on a monthly donation with them since the election. I can’t believe what is going on in this country.

  2. I was furiously political last year: I joined Twitter to follow the elections, but ended up following a lot of comedians because I really, really needed to laugh during the worst moments. I volunteered to help make flyers, register voters, and organize meetings. And all it got me was burnout, and nightmares about the next four years. Now I just want to find a quiet retreat where I have nada internet and my phone remains shut off for days. I’m not giving up, but I also feel it’s ridiculous and harmful for one person to carry so much of the weight. My ulcers have returned, my joints hurt, and I’m as sad as I am angry, not the least because friends and coworkers openly boast about having voted for the Orange Oligarch. (Talk about cleaning house: I stopped speaking to most of my Midwestern friends.)

    Stay strong!

    • Trying to be strong is feeling futile. But I guess trying and failing is better than giving up. I’m sorry to hear you’re burned out and hurting. And having to listen to people who are happy he won, ugh.

      The articles in this past Sunday’s NYTimes magazine on the hot water bottle and drinking a grandmother’s turmeric tea suddenly seem like perfect timing.

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