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That’s what I liked best as a kid (and as a young adult) whenever I was feeling sad or sick.  At least the ice cream part. My mom believed in eating ice cream out of a kitchen Dixie Cup.  (I preferred a full-sized bowl.)

And Breyer’s mint ice cream is not acrtually green.



  1. Mint chocolate chip was always my go-to as a kid, too!

    • We’re perhaps kindred ice cream spirits! It’s a magic flavor formula!

      • My very favorite mint chocolate ice cream now is a Canadian brand, President’s Choice candy cane ice cream (with chocolate crackle and candy cane bits) and it’s a pastel pink, which is quite pretty.

        • Oo… that sounds wonderful!!! I sure wish I could buy it in Seattle! ________________________________

        • Hmm… I wonder if they sell it in Vancouver… ________________________________

        • Yes, it absolutely would be in Vancouver, as it’s a national house brand at the Loblaws or No Frills grocery stores. But it’s seasonal, so it’ll be going away soon, as the Christmas stocks sells out.

  2. We should bring back Dixie Cup ice cream. As you may know, my serving size is usually the entire pint. A Dixie Cup’s worth is probably a better portion size for me.

    • And let’s also bring back the Graeter’s Peppermint Stick. ________________________________

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