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Yesterday I avoided the news altogether and rolled out much of the tensions bound in my body from this past week and beyond in a hybrid yoga workshop with my favorite yoga teacher. That felt so good. And then played with paints, which also felt good.

This morning’s headline was slightly heartening. Go ACLU! I joined online just now.

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  1. On Twitter (where I spend far too much time) a number of people said something to the effect, “This is what democracy looks like!” while retweeting photos of the various airport shutdowns. I thought, ‘No, democracy is where my government leaders consider what I and their other constituents want before making decisions. We shouldn’t have to shut down public streets and airports to make them pay attention.’ But it seems we’ll have to do that to make the GOP-led Congress and President Stale Bag of Cheetos realize we find their policies abhorrent.

    (Since our local “International Airport” has only flights to Mexico and some cities in South America, nobody tried to shut it down. Yet.)

    I’m glad you’re focusing on self-care during this chaotic time. Cats and art are good companions.

  2. Thanks, HG. Yeah, it sounds like the protests may have made it onto his radar at least. Hopefully the letter of dissent from the Acting Attorney General and the lawsuits will register as well (and not only filtered through Bannon. That guy scares me more than the egomaniacal manchild).

    I wrote three letters to Washington today. Time-consuming, but the phone lines were busy or led to full mailboxes. They may have zero impact, but the physical act of writing was cathartic, and it felt like a way of honoring my mom, who routinely wrote letters to Congress in her later years.

  3. Yessss, self care. I often feel like we’re living in a world beyond repair but it’s still worth it to write/march/discuss. Love your colors (and cats)!

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