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The journey ended with three nights in Venice, an architecturally magical city I had visited for several days in May 1994, and been captivated by then. This time I arrived at the end of an exhausting journey, still badly bruised from the fall in Giverny (my ribcage has only just returned to unpainful, but my right knee hasn’t quite yet), and still fearful of carrying insect stowaways. The original plan was to be a houseguest in a family-owned apartment, but rather than risk leaving said stowaways with them, they generously put me up in a nice air-conditioned vacation rental a short walk from their apartment.

Venice in July was hot, humid, and burgeoning with tourists and mosquitos. My body craved rest. These conditions were not ideal for enjoying the city. But I did thrill in seeing the buildings and bridges and boats, eating some very yummy meals and gelato, and visiting the La Fenice, which we toured during the second day and to which we returned for an evening of chamber music. The day before, we visited San Michele, which was beautifully peaceful and fragrant of cedar (or some tree that reminded me of cedar), but uncomfortable in the heat and limited mid-day shadows. The highlight of my last night there was a lovely evening cruise around the city on a vaporetto.

The vaporetti are Venice’s water-borne buses, and practically demanded Sailor Babo coverage, as did the ubiquitous gondolas, which I rode once to cross the Grand Canal in a form of public transit service called the traghetto.


Look closely, and you may notice that the gondolier is doing something on a hand-held mobile device.

For a glimpse of what else caught my eyes during this time in Venice, I invite you to scroll through the photos posted here.

(Eventually, photos of Milan, Giverny, and Paris will be uploaded to Flickr as well. I’m slowly working my way backward through thousands of images.)



  1. Oh no, your knee still hurts? Did you have it checked out by a doctor?

    I’ve always been curious about Venice, but almost all of the accounts I’ve read mention mosquitoes and humidity, at least in the summer. I know one person who went in late winter, when the bugs weren’t out but the humidity had been replaced by fog, which I can get out here. (Right now, actually. San Francisco has been having a chilly, foggy summer.)

    I do like the Venetian architecture. They look like a combination of Italian Renaissance and Middle Eastern styles.

    • The knee’s all better now. (No doctor.)

      Venice is exquisite architecturally. Season-wise, I hear winter is pretty special with the acqua alta (although given Venetian plumbing, that sounds disgusting to me).

  2. Just wanted to say I meant to read your Italy posts much earlier but only just got to them. I love how beautiful and classic your European itineraries are (bugs, humidity, and injury aside- since no trip can be perfect). I rush my poor husband around to all sorts of nonsense when we travel and often fail to admire the architecture or old world beauty. I would so love to see Venice one day!

    • Thanks so much, Steph – and I am much farther behind you in even answering your kind comment. :)

      Venice is pretty incredible architecturally. There is also plenty of kitsch (mainly the tourist kind) and quirky art to enjoy… and over-the-top religious art and architecture … and so much history.

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