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Maybe it’s time to think about secession from the Union.  Washington, Oregon, California, and any other state or urbanized area or nonurbanized area that rejects the bullying coming out of the Oval Office.

Let those of us in liberal states spend our tax dollars on things that reflect our values and the states that support turning away refugees, building the stupid wall, government-sanctioned religion, not worrying about conflicts of interest, charter schools, pollution from coal mining, etc. won’t have to worry about their tax dollars going toward anything they don’t support.  Heck, they can even do away with taxes altogether, and privatize everything.

And anyone that lives in one of those states that wants public education can move to the states that still offer one, provided that individual is cool with diversity and equal opportunity and tolerance and taking care of the environment.  Just know that we’ll be doing extreme vetting to prevent bigots and bullies from entering our new nation.



  1. I was thinking about this a while ago too, which will be the first state to threaten to secede? the whole thing is so disgusting I have to step away from the computer more and more (not a bad thing and much easier to do these days…sorta)

    • Good for you for stepping away. I seem to get sucked in more and more. I’ve been physically sick this week which has meant time at home to obsessively check the news, which does nothing to encourage wellness. Today felt like reading about a series of bombs being dropped. (Oo, I used the wrong verb in my post – thanks for saying the right one in your comment! Gotta go fix…)

      • I figured it was an autocorrect thing…I get sucked in but then when I see multiple things like yesterday and today I just can’t even look, it’s like watching an animal being tortured (uh, me?) and I have to do something else, so maybe Trump will be good for my productivity at least until someone drops a nuclear bomb on us. I have too much shit to do before I can get more involved too. I am already overwhelmed with disorder at home & the office which I’d already decided to tackle this winter anyway so once I get a handle on that maybe I can focus a little more on making daily phone calls and more stuff but for me it’s Focus February and I am going to do my best to work on my house and just try to get some things in order, including my brain, so I can deal with the hell of the outside world a little better. Ideally anyway. I will probably just sink into drooling despair by the 3rd week of this month…

        • Hey, in the event oxygen is needed we’re supposed tend to ourselves before assisting others, no? I gotta remember that. Getting away from the news is like coming up for air, too. Best wishes for focusing this month. I need to do that too. What I really need to do and keep failing at is getting into a daily practice of something healing and/or joy-filling. Yoga, painting, drawing, cooking, enough sleep, any of the above. Instead I am seething and cringing over and over again. Okay I’m gonna check the news one more time and that’s it for tonight…

        • exactly, you must practice some self-care! Just make a list of those things and check off every day which one you did, that way maybe you will make sure you attempted something.

  2. There’s actually a petition going around CA demanding secession from the US. I have mixed feelings about this: not all of California, or for that matter, Washington State and Oregon, are progressive and welcoming to gays, non-Christians, and people of color. When I drive north on I-5 to visit my son in WA, there’s some jerk who has one of those painted-rock hillside signs saying “The State of Jefferson.” The people who follow this idea are libertarians who claim Jefferson did not believe citizens should have to pay income taxes or even support social programs. The entire country in their eyes is supposed to be one of independent gentlemen farmers (white gentlemen farmers, I should add) who take care of themselves and their families and only gather for making laws (which should be very few) and fighting foreign wars against invaders…like the British! Anyway, there are a number of CA residents who resent paying both state and federal taxes and who would love to secede so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes…at all. Some of them are very wealthy technocrats from the Silicon Valley who think having to provide services to homeless people and poor families is somehow beneath them, and they’d all benefit from investing the money in R&D. (For new gadgets only they and their cohort can afford.)

    I was also surprised by the “redneck constituency” in the eastern parts of Washington. A Native American friend who moved to Spokane said she was taken aback by the casual racism out there, and the blatant expression of far right-wing views. One of my son’s friends, who is from eastern WA, refuses to go home during the holidays because his Mormon relatives are so homophobic.

    I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but I’m not sure secession is the answer to the problem of Dipshit J. Turnip. (I’m still too angry to say his name aloud.) I know California contributes more federal taxes than we get back in services or programs, but withdrawing our revenue streams will just increase the pain for the poor in other parts of the country who can’t afford to move here. (Though interestingly, we’re seeing a lot more people moving into CA lately.) Plus I’ve become too invested in this fight to just break it off now. It’s exhausting and we need to pace ourselves: but if we’re going to have another civil war, let’s make sure it’s Douchebag Cheetos who loses, not the rest of the country.

    • Please realize I’m only half serious here. I’m not at all knowledgeable about what secession would entail and what the repercussions would be. Yes, there are certainly far right wingers in Washington State, and you don’t have to venture very far out of Seattle or Olympia to find them. Trump got 37% of the vote here. And yes, I’m pretty sure there are greedy rich people in Seattle, and there are poor people who didn’t vote for this madman who are stuck in places that did. (But at this point I have no sympathy for anyone who voted for MAGA even if they are poor. I remember when I worked for a rural transit system in Maryland, that transported many rural poor folks to the doctor, almost entirely tax-funded, hearing both passengers and employees saying racist things and supporting right wing politicians. I never understood how they were okay with being paid or transported by taxpayer dollars if they were so against tax-and-spend liberals. Kind of like when the Tea Party came to DC in the early 2000s and got grumpy because the Metrorail system didn’t meet their needs… I forgot the details of that but not the irony.)

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