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I’ve decided that’s my M.O. for the remainder of 2016.

I bought my plane ticket to Paris today, after deciding the low fare outweighed fears of terrorism and fears over the possibility that Trump might get elected and what that might do to the country in general and how Americans are regarded abroad in particular.

Icelandair didn’t ask for a middle name on the booking.  There is a middle name on my passport.  The general consensus of experienced travelers on tripadvisor is that this won’t matter.  The old me (i.e., yesterday) would have freaked out at the realization and would miss sleep over it (for a flight that starts more than 3 months away).  And also fret over the possibility of missing my connection in Rekyavik or at least the possibility of losing my luggage and certainly the likelihood that I have just misspelled Rekyavik.  (I did, din’t I?)  However, new me is going to not worry about it.

I think.

At least tonight.

Tonight at least, the new me is simply going to prep some madeleine batter and pans (yay butter!) to bake in the morning, and drink red wine and listen to my old Billie Holiday tape and just not worry about it.



  1. Not worrying about it sounds like a good approach…made even better by the fact that you have red wine, buttery French cakes, and Lady Day on your side.

    (And it’s spelled ‘Rickeyavick’.)

    • Ha! Isn’t there a j in there somewhere? I should probably look it up… It has been a relaxing and buttery weekend. Tonight I’m eating okra to try and make up for the malnutrition.

  2. Oooo! I’m so excited for you, getting to visit Paris again. I’m also prone to worry but baked goods and Billie Holiday certainly help. :)

    • Thanks, Steph, I’m getting excited, too! I didn’t realize you were a worrier. Baked goods (and baking) sure are comforting… It turned rather autumnal here this weekend so it was nice to fire up the oven.

  3. Worrying is overrated.

    • I think you are correct. I also usually think I was born to do it.

  4. Travel fearlessly. The Universe demands it. :)

  5. Worrying in itself does not change a situation, so you’ve made a good choice. I want to go back to Paris, too!

    • That’s a good thing to remember. I hope you can get back to Paris soon!

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