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So weekend after next I’m flying south to be with the swans.  That is, to see the San Francisco Ballet perform Swan Lake.  Four times, in three days.  (You know that about me, right?)

But the moment I may have truly crossed over into Crazy Swan Lady territory was when I booked the smallest possible season subscription with, um, the Paris Opera Ballet so that I could get an optimal ticket to see their Swan Lake in December.  In Paris.



  1. Crazy Swan Lady is a classy and excellent title for oneself. I love how much you love ballet.

  2. Hey, any excuse to visit those fine cities is a good one, and an exquisite obsession is one of the best.

    • Thanks, Laurie! Unfortunately I won’t get to see much of San Francisco this trip since most of my waking hours there will be spent inside the opera house… But Paris, yes! I’ve been dreaming of returning, deciding to wait until Swan Lake came back around, not expecting it so soon.

  3. That’s awesome!! You won’t regret any of it. One of the greatest things I’ve done is go with Mariser to Frankfurt for 4 days to see His Nickness. Have fun!

    • Thanks Cranky – oh my gosh, your travels to see Nick Cave are inspiring!

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