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Today, at long last, the majority of my belongings finally got moved out of storage into my forever home.

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  1. How exciting!

    • lol you say exciting I say OMG how daunting! But, it is exciting. But I am rethinking my idea of looking at houses now because I am pretty sure I have at least 6x the amount of stuff pictured here….
      Anyway, mazel tov!

    • I’m going to agree with cranky, lol! I remember moving into an apartment after selling my house, and how horrified I was at the number of boxes filling up the place. I don’t think I had unpacked half the stuff before I decided I had made a huge mistake in choosing that apartment.

      But congratulations, homebody! I’m happy to see you finally have a place where you can create a home, a place of safety and rest.

  2. Yay! Congratulations!
    Which box are the cats in? I hope it has air holes.

  3. I’d tell you to look at Paul’s painting for inspiration except I think it’s been covered up by boxes. Yikes!

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