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On the home front, that is.

It’s complicated.

And work has been overwhelming for the past few weeks. But that front is easing up.

Today I am finally transplanting the seedlings that survived neglect, moving, and inadequate light.

My fingers are still crossed that I will be able to buy this apartment in which I have been camping during major replumbing. Which involves gaping holes in 100 year old walls in 4 rooms. And kitty day care. (Told you it was complicated.)

I love this place, slanted floors, awkward doors and all. Today I took possession of the kitchen cupboards. (Have hesitated to do such settling in, in case I have to move out again.) That made me very happy, and yearn for my mom. I always miss my mom when settling into a new home’s kitchen. Miss those phone calls, excitedly telling her about it. She was homebody, too, who loved her many kitchens.

I’ve been listening to the Andrews Sisters and early Doris Day. I’m pretty sure they would have been on Mom’s kitchen settle-in playlist (or rather radio), back in the day.

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  1. So it hasn’t been decided yet whether the apartment has been approved for sale? The thought of having to redo the plumbing in an old structure brings back memories of when we had to replace the plumbing and wiring in our 100-year-old farmhouse, and not all of them are happy ones either! :D That old plaster and lathe is hard to fix once it’s been broken, and then we found out there was lead in the plaster and old paint. Everything had to be replaced with new, safer materials.

    That said, there is a lot of charm in old buildings. It can be well worth the money and effort. I hope you’re able to settle permanently in your apartment soon!

  2. Good luck, homebody!

  3. Your seedlings look like the world’s worst sushi rolls.

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