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Today it dawned on me that in less than two weeks, if all goes well, I will be home at last.  My new home!  After 4 months of living in limbo and 3 months before that of packing and a good year before that of mentally preparing myself.  That’s a long time of discomfort for a homebody, even with the dreaming part.

After this, I’m never moving again.

Here’s a sneak peak of what promises to be light-filled + character-filled + spacious (compared to the past 8 years of tiny) = joy-filled.

looking eastish:

Comstock steps

looking southish:


looking westish:

still hoping for this

looking uppish:

still hoping for this



  1. So you bought a house? Congratulations! It would be hard to live without a permanent place to call home, or at least somewhere you can settle in for a long time. I also hope the cats like it. I imagine they were puzzled by all the moving around.

    • Yes! Thanks! Actually, I’m buying an apartment, but a much bigger one than the last one. I know you understand the need for a place to settle … I’m so excited about getting to that point again. The cats are likely to like the new place after getting over the change, and especially after the old familiar furniture shows up (June 2). They’ll have fewer birds than currently, but lots more sunshine and room to run and sprawl. And a Food Lady who is much less stressed (hopefully).

  2. Congrats!!

    • Thanks, Cranky! (I thought I posted that two days ago but apparently not.)

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