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It’s official.  My experiment in living in Port Townsend has been very nice, but an appealing permanent living situation in my price range did not materialize (accept for a couple of “fixers” which amounts to not really being in my price range), and also my employer is now starting a huge project in Seattle, and I found someplace lovely to live in a quieter neighborhood in Seattle, so I’m moving back in a few weeks (if all goes well the weekend after Memorial Day).

What I’ll miss about Port Townsend:

  • the post office and the view from the bluff just north of the post office (two mountain ranges in one vista!)
  • So many lovely Victorian buildings
  • the Rose Theatre
  • Waterfront Pizza
  • Pane d’Amore bakery
  • Better Living Through Coffee
  • Lehani’s
  • Aldrich’s pasta sauces
  • the funky Port Townsend Athletic Club, which is the only gym I’ve ever wanted to go to
  • the coworkin’ office – the beautiful space as well as the nice people there
  • walking past 709 Blaine (which appears from the outside to be my dream home)

709 Blaine

709 Blaine

  • hopes of owning my own house
  • feeling quickly welcomed as a new local
  • the waterfront
  • the slower pace of life and saner degree of traffic
  • yard deer
  • the peace and quiet (except for the occasional coyote or teenaged driver)
  • the spring blossoms and very high ratio of green to gray

What I won’t miss:

  • late-night coyote howls
  • feeling isolated
  • almost everything closing by 6 pm
  • the occasional waft of paper mill
  • the random ends of sidewalks
  • the long drive to and from the ferry and the long wait at the ferry terminal to board

This week is the annual Rhododendron Festival (Rhody Fest), with a parade on Saturday.  I thought it was kind of odd that the bank will be closed Saturday morning for the parade until I started seeing chairs staked out along the parade route.  It’s only Tuesday.

parade seating stake-out time on Lawrence

parade seating stake-out time on Lawrence

parade seating stake-out time on Lawrence

Carnival rides are being set up in the little town stadium.  Today in the bakery I overheard one lady asking another lady if she was going to Rhody this year.  I think it might be a really big deal for the locals.  I’m glad I’ll still be one for a little while longer.



  1. I will miss those little half liquorice/half gumdrop-thingies.

    And all the witches!

    • They’re called dutchies.
      What witches?

      • The coven that secretly runs the town!

        • Incidentally, I had some leftover dutchies that wouldn’t fit in the last box, and I just ate some and now I am addicted to them, too!

        • I don’t have any dutchies.

        • Me neither.

  2. You can tell Port Townsend is a small town by the fact that whoever left those chairs along the curb is confident nobody will move or steal them. It reminds me a little of Minnesota, though I can’t say I miss that “Hey, stranger, this is my family’s ancestral bench and you can’t sit here!” attitude.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Rhody Festival, and I hope your move back to Seattle goes smoothly. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being back in Seattle with the ballet, even if you miss the quiet of living on the peninsula.

    • Ha, I thought the same thing about the chairs. Tonight there are way more out there, some of them rather expensive-looking folding camp chairs. But apparently people feel safe enough here that not locking one’s house or car doors during the day is commonplace.

      Thanks, HG — I am looking forward to being near the ballet, bookstores that stay open until 10, etc. Where I’m moving will have traffic sounds – the front of my unit will be on a busy arterial – but not the nightlife sounds of Capitol Hill.

  3. Well now I’m going to have “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” stuck in my head. :-)

    • I had to look that song up… oh, wow, sorry you have those lyrics stuck in your head!

      I recently learned there’s not one Rhody parade but three! Tomorrow is the Pet Parade. I hope to see a live grey goose in that!

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