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Collect All Nine!

Collect All Nine!

This afternoon was the final matinee.  I did see them all.  All the swans, and princes, and evil sorcerers, and drunken tutors, and other assorted characters of the royal court. Nine shows.

Oh, the swans.  So incredibly otherworldly beautiful.  The assembled flock, and their tragic queen.  Every time.

Last Sunday’s show was the pinnacle of my ballet audience member experience so far.

The last three of the run were also highlights.

Carla Körbes made me cry every time she did that little fluttery thing with her foot at the end of the second act pas de deux.  And pretty much throughout her final performance on Saturday.  But I thought last Sunday’s was the best, for both her and her prince Karel Cruz,* in every possible way.  I am so fortunate to have seen her dance over the past couple of years.  My heart breaks a little more remembering that this was the last time I’ll see her in Swan Lake. (She’s retiring from PNB at the end of this season.)

(*Click here for a brief sample of the incredible Karel Cruz.)

And all three of this run’s swan queens made me cry in their final moments floating away on that glorious Tchaikovsky.

I’m sad to leave this enchanted world for a few more years, but also a bit exhausted.  That’s 27 hours of Swan Lake right there.

And broke, at least until the escrow money from the sale of my condo comes through.  Between the tickets and the house rental, Swan Lake-ation has basically cost a security deposit and first month’s rent for an apartment.  But I wanted this experience and I don’t regret it.



  1. I’m happy you did this and still think PNB should give you something special for attending all 9 performances (autographed Karel Cruz baseball?). In related news, I’m thinking about seeing James Taylor for the 16th time this summer. That’s over 25 years, though.

    • Thank you. I’m happy I did it, too. 16 in 25 years seems like a good pace. Did you keep a set list at each?

      • The first setlist I ever kept was my first James Taylor concert. It was my third concert ever. Sadly, I didn’t keep setlists for the first two.

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