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So today, for probably the last time, I was in the tiny condominium apartment I purchased almost eight years ago, and for which the sale closure is imminent.  I was there for a final wash-up (after emptying my dusty storage unit in the parking garage below) and vacuum.  And to say goodbye to the place in which I have lived longest in my life, where Muki and Lila Bean both died, where I had high hopes that were somewhat disappointed, where I packed in as many compact discs and books as one probably can comfortably pack into 516 square feet of living space.  Where I loved watching the Bradford pear tree grow, bloom in the spring and green up in the summer.  The morning light, that beautiful morning light.  And the afternoon light that reflected off the glass of buildings just east and uphill right into my east-facing windows.  That always felt like an unexpected bonus.  The chimneys across the street.  Bus lines #10 and #11.  The clouds, especially on a blue sky with cumulus kind of day.  Where I did laundry, so much laundry, in the comfort of my 516 square feet.  Where I cooked, until forearm tendinitis got in the way.  Where I pined for more space, less street noise, and more recently, less neighbor subwoofer thumpa noise.  Where I made my own thumpa noise for awhile in the evenings, practicing on an electronic drum kit while doing laundry … until forearm tendinitis got in the way.  Where Ella and Lucy came on board.  Where I planned my to Paris, and where the cats were well cared for while I was in Paris.  Where I packed and packed and then departed for the country, at least long enough to sell it.

So Port Townsend is truly lovely, but the hoped-for housing options haven’t come along, and time is running out in the cottage that my closest family has graciously allowed me to live in during this transition.  And it’s very tiny, involves use of a laundromat, and sometimes the coyotes howl at night, and maybe I am more of an urbanite than I thought, so in addition to the move-out deadline, I feel other pressures to look where there are more opportunities than Port Townsend can offer.

This week I am staying with Ella and Lucy in a rented cottage in a much quieter Seattle neighborhood for my Swan Lake-ation and to attend to the final tasks of moving out and closing, and seriously considering returning to Seattle, but in a neighborhood quieter than the one I just left.  For now, this rented cottage feels palatial compared to 516 square feet as well as the PT cottage.  I’ll be here through Monday morning, making good use of its washer and dryer, and seeing every Swan Lake and shopping around for housing options in a neighborhood like this.



  1. I wondered after your move, ‘Is she really going to say goodbye to the ballet and music venues in Seattle?’ I hope you find a new place you can call home soon. Being in transition like that is hard, at least it has been for me.

    • Thanks, HG. It is being hard for me, too. (Hug) Homebodies need homes, and I get the feeling you are bit of a homebody, too.

      • I am! When I first moved out of my father’s house, I met a person who boasted she didn’t need a permanent address because she loved traveling all over the world, and was housesitting for very rich people in between trips. I then found out she kept her personal belongings at a storage facility, and sometimes slept there when there were no houses to sit. This was unsettling. I need my own little home where I can relax and say hello to my cat and my books and my stuffed animals. (Yes, Sailor Babo is still here too!) My cottage isn’t much, but I’m so incredibly happy to see it after I get back from work. I hope you have the same experience soon!

        • The thought of your cottage makes me happy!

  2. Awwww. I hope you find the perfect spot soon! I guess I didn’t realize you owned that place or that the PT place was temporary. good luck!

  3. Oddly, I will be on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend while you are in Seattle (going out to the Sol Duc hot springs). Perhaps I’ll plan a Saturday trip over to PT to hang out sometime before you move back. ;-)

    • I’ve enjoyed your Instagram feed this weekend; looks like you had a nice getaway! It would be great to hang out with you in PT. I had high hopes for finding something with a guest room there!

  4. I hope foe homebody’s new home to show itself soon! How are the cats handling the shifting from place to place?

    • Thanks, Laurie! The cats are doing well other than the car ride and the first couple of hours in any place new. They love the Port Townsend cottage, and they’ve done well at the Seattle vacation rental. But the car rides are traumatic for Lucy.

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