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You know what I love?  When reflected sunlight off a building across the street gives the illusion of direct light in an otherwise shaded area.

Seattle’s had a cold spell recently, but the sun came along with it, providing a nice respite from the typical rainy season gloom.



  1. I just spoke with my son, who say it’s either been rainy with heavy cloud cover, or sunny and freezing cold. Being from Minnesota, he doesn’t mind the cold, and he also welcomes the flashes of sunshine in an otherwise dreary month. He also said “Say to hi to that friend who lives by the cupcake store in Seattle!” :)

    • Aw, please say hi to Chris back from me! Hey, did you get any of the rain that got pushed down by the arctic blast? (I probably got that wrong; am trying to remember something I read in a local weather blog a few days ago.)

      • We got hammered by three days of heavy rain! Yesterday the road I normally commute to and from work on got flooded, and the county closed it in order to clear out the street drains. We had tons of leaves on the ground when the storm hit. The city didn’t get around to picking up the piles in the street, so they all went into the storm sewers and clogged them. So what’s normally a 20-minute drive turned into an hour-long nightmare as I drove around, looking for a road that wasn’t flooded that led back to my home. We did need the rain, but I admit I was relieved when the sun finally broke through the clouds today. I was fed up with coming home dripping wet and having to carefully take off my raincoat so I didn’t get water all over the floor. (Kitty ran away from me when she saw me coming in with that wet coat.) Also, the kids in the class I’m working with are bouncing off the walls after three days of sitting indoors. By the end of the day, I’m babbling and pulling out my hair! :)

        • Sounds frustrating! I hope you get some good (and dry) downtime this weekend.

  2. I get that reflected light in my office! A new building just went up a block away earlier this year, and now as well as getting direct sunshine in the morning, I also get the reflected light for about a half hour in the afternoon (at least I did before November hit and Toronto turned gray skies that will last most of the winter).

    • Oh, nice! I just love basking in that brief kind of light. My office gets it briefly, at different times depending on the time of year, and my apartment gets it in the very late afternoon. I resented the new tall building which reflects it at home until I realized that.

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