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That Monday, we headed out for Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in eastern Paris.  We walked, so of course there was street interest along the way.


confetti girl

pour faciliter le service

macarons chats

I think perhaps not.

le plus beau des cadeaux c'est l'amour

grown over


Finally we reached the cemetery.  It was as beautiful and serene and patinaed and mossy as I’d hoped.  And full of the famous as well as the apparently forgotten.



ici repose Colette















Here rests Isadora Duncan

Here rests Oscar Wilde

Here rests Marie Taglioni a.k.a. La Comtesse de Voisins

And then we went record-shopping.

Fargo Records



  1. Ok, you guys saw a lot of amazing and culturally significant things but Paris is clearly worth the trip to see macarons shaped like cat faces. Omigod! Did not know those existed!

    • Those cat macarons (catarons?) were so cool. Unfortunately, it’s another situation where we didn’t manage to eat the macarons in our pictures. I probably only ate 6 or 7 while we were there and most of those were at the airport on the way back. I’ve more than made up for it since I’ve been home, though!

    • The cat macarons were super fun to look at but I’m not sure they were actually for sale to eat! Anyway, the round ones we got were very yummy. My favorite flavor was rose, which i haven’t found anywhere in Seattle yet.

      • Ooo, can’t say I’ve ever had a rose macaron- maybe it’s special to France? It’s a completely different sweet and the shop wasn’t open on our most recent visit to Seattle but have you had the rose flavored turkish delight in Pike Place Market? I can’t get enough of that stuff.

        • Oo, I haven’t had the rose turkish delight… Must get some next time I’m down there (and also macarons from Le Panier)! The rose macaron is something one of my officemates actually made as part of a macarons cooking class at Paris Eastside on Capitol Hill – do you know the place? – with an instructor from Paris. I got a tiny taste of one of her results – amazing! So I was excited to find them in Paris. Maybe rosewater is too expensive over here for them to be cost-effective for patisseries over here? Based on what my coworker said about the cooking class, I can understand why they are so expensive in general: very labor-intensive and perishable. Sigh.

  2. Have you tried the macarons at Bakery Nouveau (15th & Thomas)? I haven’t, but they seem to have a wide variety and they do pretty authentic and delicious French pastries…

    • I have! Bakery Nouveau’s aren’t quite as good as the ones we got in Paris, or at BaBar (at which you and I should happy hour or lunch one of these days!), and I find their uber-intense coloration unappetizing, but they have some good flavors. I’m more inclined to go with bread or an almond croissant at Bakery Nouveau.

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