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The third day was probably the low point of the week, because I decided I could wait no longer to make use of the washer and dryer in the apartment.   I chose this apartment in part due to the ability to due laundry (because that’s what I do), and by golly I wanted to take advantage of the amenity.

So that was the morning.

We finally ventured out sometime in the early afternoon, cruised some of the used streetside booksellers along the Right Bank, and then crossed the Pont Louis-Philippe to the Île Saint-Louis, paused for ice cream, crossed another little bridge over to the Île de la Cité, wandered past Notre Dame, and crossed one more little bridge over to the Left Bank.

We had to wait in line briefly to enter Shakespeare and Company, which was brimming with tourists.

Shakespeare and Company

After being there long enough to at least poke my head in each room, deciding to return at a less busy hour, and buying a couple of books and a very lovely tote bag, we started wandering toward the Latin Quarter.

the men of Ribouldingue

on Rue Galande

But didn’t get very far before I demanded that we stop and have a late lunch in a cafe that turned out to be adequate and kinda expensive but at least had a bathroom and staved off a blood sugar crash.  And at last I got to drink wine out on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon.

borde (or whatever)

We then wandered a bit west and did a bit of pop culture shopping.

that guy.

We made it to the garden of the Musee Cluny just in time to sit on a bench, start sketching, get rained upon, and get shooed out because they were closing for the night.

And then we went home for another night of not getting enough sleep…but at least we had clean clothes.

Moon over Paris



  1. Low point or not, your Tyrion photo came out much better than mine.

    • I’m glad you like the photo. It also came out better than the photos I took of the Harry Potter wands in the same window.

      I forgot to mention in the post that scary walk along the Seine in the dark.

      • It was only scary because I was dumb and mentioned movie murders on our way down.

        • It was scary because of the beaucoup de broken glass on the uneven cobblestones, and the lack of any barrier to tumbling into the dark, dark Seine.

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