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Here we go:

here we go


heading east

not sleeping:

long flight short night no sleep

and flying:

almost there

and flying:

almost there

I managed to find Michael at Charles de Gaulle, despite my misguided idea for a meet-up location.

We took a taxi into town, and loitered around the Place des Vosges until we could check in to the apartment.  I used the Victor Hugo toilet.

After checking in to what turned out to be a fabulous little garret with skylights:

a room with skylights and a loft we did not use

and a view:

a room with a view in le Marais

Can you find the cat?

we procured our first meal in Paris:

first meal in Paris

I was too excitied to be in Paris to sleep much that first night.

moon over le Marais



  1. L’as du Fallafel was good, but I preferred the place we tried on the second day…where things were spicier and the cabbage was tastier.

    I have a couple good shots from our time at Place des Vosges. I think that was before you really got into using your camera.

    I’m looking forward to Paris, Day 2.

    • I liked both of the falafels, and wish we had also tried Chez Marianne’s.

      I would like to see your photos from the Place des Vosges, please. Did you take any of the Parisian Fake Elliott Smith hobo guy?

      • Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of French Elliott Smith. I did, however, get a shot of French Scott McCaughey.

        • Complete with footwear?!?

        • His feet were blocked by the grass.

  2. Ahhh I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the days. I hadn’t thought about it but I didn’t realize you guys met up in Paris. Dang I want to go back to Paris! This is going to make me pine and yearn. ;) I also want to go back to Rome. And Vienna. And..and..and…

    • Since we both were able to get direct flights from our respective cities, meeting there seemed the easiest way to go. Fortunately I found Michael kind of near the meet-up place that wouldn’t have worked at all.
      I want to go back, too! And I want to go to Rome and Vienna and Prague and go back to Venice and Florence and … and … and. :)

  3. ….Amsterdam?

    • Hi, Rian! Yes, some day Amsterdam as well. I have so many travel dreams … and not enough resources to make them happen …. sigh.

    • p.s., can one get good falafel in Amsterdam? :)

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