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I drew stuff on a digital tablet.

I made a book.

Michael came to visit.

I learned to use my new pink camera, an early birthday gift from Michael.

We saw Josh Ritter at the zoo with Mr. & Mrs. Lavender and my officemate and her husband, and Luluc at the Fremont Abbey.

I worked.

I spent 4.5 days in Denver for work.  It was a long week.

At the airport the day I flew to Denver I was in the security line with a bunch of PNB dancers apparently heading out to Jacob’s Pillow.  This thrilled me no end.  They were also milling about the SeaTac food court on the other side of security.  I was in line behind Joshua Grant at Qdoba!

I bought some ballet tickets.  It has been a long dry spell, but next week there are a couple of studio previews to tide me over until mid-September.

Lucy has taken a fancy to sitting in the kitchen sink.  She also discovered peaches.

I realized in seven weeks I will be in Paris, and in eight weeks it will be only a memory, and a credit card payment (or two).

Over the weekend I uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr.  Here are a few of my favorites:



pink and brown at cupcake royale west seattle

pink and brown at cupcake royale west seattle

at Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill

at the office, briefly, on a Sunday

Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band at Woodland Park Zoo

at Elysian

Denver from the cruddy hotel room

Denver sidewalk

Denver Union Station Bus Concourse

stop here



  1. I don’t think the ballet dry spell has been that long. We just went to the ballet a couple weeks ago.

    I like your pink drink photo.

    • You are correct, although the thing I dragged you to in July was a studio rehearsal, which is very different from a stage performance. I’m excited about finally seeing a couple of those next week, plus the dress rehearsal.

      Thanks for liking the pink drink photo!

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