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So two weeks ago I flew to Cincinnati, on a red-eye.  M—–l graciously met me at the airport at 6:30 on a Sunday morning, and we went out for breakfast.

Greetings from Cincinnati

That Sunday night I got to experience fireflies again for the first time in a couple of years. (They don’t live in Seattle.)

Then on Monday we drove to Louisville for the already well-reported concert (as relayed by M—-l here and here, and by Scott here, and here are Lord Mariser’s photos) and meet-up with Crankypants, Mariser, Lord Kalvan, and Scott, at the first show of Cranky’s thematic road trip.

I should point out that I did not partake in this experience as a fan of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; I came along to meet up with the ex-Voxers and see Louisville (which for some reason I thought I might like).  However, my first Nick Cave concert experience was very positive.  It was also great to meet Mariser and Lord K, and see Cranky and Scott again!

The concert was at the Louisville Palace.

2 Mondays ago I was in Louisville

It’s very ornate inside.

It's super ornate inside

Inside the Louisville Palace

Sailor Babo thought so, too.

Sailor Babo came along

I liked Nick Cave’s dance moves and as well as the moves of the Bad Seeds crazy fiddler/flautist (whose name I later learned is Warren Ellis).

We saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds from up in the balcony

(Lord Mariser’s photos are so much better than mine.)

After the show, Mariser, Lord Kalvan, and Cranky drove us back to our hotel, the 21c.  It contains a contemporary art museum, and we explored the various art things.  My favorite art thing was the interactive video installation thingee at the elevators.

After the show, Cranky, Mariser, and Lord Kalvan gave us a ride to our hotel, the 21c, and we looked at the art in the hotel's museum.

But that was trumped by the quiet appearance of Mr. Cave, followed by a couple of Bad Seeds, apparently headed to their rooms for the night.  Mr. Cave himself went into the hotel bar/restaurant, emerging shortly thereafter carrying a drink and a cigarette which he took outside the hotel.

M—-l and I said goodnight and headed upstairs, and missed out on this.

Our room had a view of art.

The view from our room

It also had special safety instructions that apparently no one bothered to proofread, but I guess that wouldn’t matter in the event of actual zombies.

21c Hotel safety instructions in guest room

The next day we dined in the hotel bar/restaurant, where earlier our waiter had met Mr. Cave and Mr. Ellis, and reported that Mr. Ellis breakfasted on oatmeal, dressed flamboyantly, and rolled cigarettes at the table. 

Then we briefly ventured into Old Louisville, and then record-shopped a little in the eastern part of the city before heading back to Cincinnati.  Other than the Palace and the excellent hotel, I was disappointed by what we saw of Louisville, but then I would probably be disappointed by anywhere with the heat and humidity of that day.

On Wednesday I splurged on a new toy, an iPad (mini), discovered apps for drawing and painting, and began to produce digital diarrhea (electronic fingerpainting, that is).  You can see some of that over here.




  1. I find it hard to believe that you wrote about this trip without mentioning the word “barrels” even once. I guess you were sticking to the positive stuff. (And now that enough time has gone by, I would like to confess that the A/C in my car doesn’t work! Sorry about that.)

    One other thing…you liked Louisville less than you thought you would, and I liked it more than I thought I would.

    • I had forgotten the misery of the drive to Louisville…barrels, sun, barrels, thirst, truck stop, barrels, three construction workers after crawling by miles of barrels and cruel sun on pavement, waning phone battery anxieties, barrels, sun, then finally getting there.

  2. This is great. It was so fantastic to see you again, though I wish we’d had more time to hang out together (stupid barrels). I love the picture of us in front of the falling letters!
    I hope it’s less than 4 years before we get together again.

    • Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it has been since our KttD adventure! I am so happy to have shared a wee bit of your Summer of Nick! And agreed on seeing each other again before 4 years pass. One of these days (maybe next spring or fall?) I want to do an easterly road trip (between Ithaca, NY and Asheville, NC) and Philly will be on my itinerary for sure.
      I wanted to take the falling letters home in my suitcase. Oh- there are 3 more photos like that over on flickr if you’re interested. (I also posted some of the group outside of the Palace visible to flickr friends only so you have to be logged in there to see them – hope that’s okay!)

  3. OOh, that trip sounds great! I have never been to Ithaca but I hear it’s gorge-ous. (I think that’s their motto). Well you definitely have a place to crash here for as long as you like, and maybe I can show you some of the prettier spots in the area outside the city. I will check out your flickr page for sure, thanks for the heads up. I need to upload my pics and start paying more attention to what is going on over there.It’s on my July list of Stuff To Do.

    • That’s right – Ithaca has gorges! Thanks so much for offering a crash place. It would be really fun to hang out together again in your stomping ground.

  4. Yay! Travel photos! It looks like you guys had a great time, even if the heat got you down. We’re really enchanted by fireflies too- mostly, I miss how bugless Seattle was but I’ll settle for all the pretty fireflies we get to see now. The Louisville Palace looks gorgeous and the show sounds incredible. Whenever I hear the name Warren Ellis, I think of the comics guy… I wonder if they get a lot of mixed up fans. It must be nice to dress flamboyantly for a bowl of oatmeal. :)

    • Oh my gosh somehow I missed seeing your comment. I’m envious of your fireflies! The Louisville palace was over-the-top magnificent! The Warren Ellis breakfast story clearly made our waiter’s day. He described the shirt in detail that I forgot. There’s another famous Nick Cave, too, a sculptor who has some things at the Seattle Art Museum.

      • That’s right! I remember seeing the Nick Cave brightly colored suits and realizing there must be two NCs. Awesome.

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