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Someone doesn’t want me to pack (or wants to come along).

Sent via carrier pigeon



  1. how sweet.
    Ella looks very triblish in this pic.

    • She spent two hours being too sweet to disturb by packing further… she’s way too good at that. I have a hard time getting anything done when she’s in that mode.

      It was so nice to meet you and LK!!! Hopefully someday I can meet your kitties, too. I hope tonight’s show is as good at the Louisville one. And congrats on talking with him!

  2. Oh, my, how can you resist that face!

  3. Aww! How could you not take her?

    Have a good time, btw. Hope the weather isn’t steamy or raining and throwing lightning bolts!

    • If I didn’t also have Lucy, I would have considered it! Ella’s really good at being irresistible. Thanks! The only thing the weather has been doing is baking, ug. But we’re in air conditioning now.

  4. Poor Ella wanted the Nick Experience too!

    • Ha! I’m pretty sure she would enjoy playing with NCBD (and further Fing him U).

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