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It is high time to give Lucy’s endearing habits some attention.

1. She likes to open drawers.   The drawers under my bed, that is.  The drawers in which the cat toys are stored, next to the sheets and blankets.  She likes to open them every day, sometimes more than once.  Sometimes she drags a toy or two out, but mostly it seems to be about the act of opening.  To be honest, it’s kind of annoying, since I have to be careful not to step in a drawer whenever I get out of bed, but it’s also kind of cute.  It was especially cute this morning:

Lucy in a drawer (that she opened herself)

Lucy in a drawer (that she opened herself)

She was looking particularly pleased with herself, I think because this was a tough drawer to open on account of the sheets rather wedged in there.

2. She likes to eat greens.  Not just the wheat grass you may have noticed near the drawer.  She likes to eat whatever is in my salad.  (Arugula is a favorite.)  I have to be very careful not to leave a salad unattended (especially if it has kitty dangers like onions and garlic) because she will find it and eat it.

Her love of plant matter isn’t limited to leaves.  Last week I caught her biting into a whole tomato left on the counter.  I don’t think she liked it; she jerked her head away after chomping into it, but I left it out on the counter a few more days just in case, disposing of it only after it started to sag around the puncture wounds.

3. She’s a chirper.  She chatters away whenever I am petting her, which is often since she has grown into quite the cuddler.

4. She likes to Facetime. Just ask M—-l.  Although he would probably complain that with Lucy it’s more like Butttime.  But seriously, when she hears the signature Facetime ringing, she is there, rubbing up against the iPhone, enjoying a chit-chat with that guy with the beard.

5. She is mesmerized by the mystery of reflected light.  Many an evening when I am washing dishes, she’s gazing up at the moving light on the ceiling, transfixed.  I wonder what aspect of feline instinct those glimmers on the ceiling tap into.

6. She seems to be trying to befriend Ella, and sometimes Ella will play a bit of chase with her, but that’s as friendly as I’ve seen so far.  Still, Lucy periodically approaches Ella to sniff, and no paws have be thrown recently, so I’m still hopeful.

7. She snuggles down to sleep next to me every night and most mornings she is first thing I’m aware of.  Sometimes this is annoying (like those times when she jumps on my abdomen).  But once I’m awake, her happy purrs and chirps (Oh joy!  Food Lady’s getting up to give us breakfast!) are quite endearing.

I had some doubts in the first couple of months, and Ella still might not agree, but Lucy was a good choice.  I think she’s happy here, too.



  1. As long as we’re talking about Lucy’s many good traits and achievements, I think it should be mentioned that she currently holds the highest score record for the iPad app, Game For Cats. She sat on my iPad and racked up the points by slapping her paws around.

  2. Adorable. Tortie loves drawers too, but isn’t as good at opening them. Glad to see little Lucy Smooshface has worked out.

    • Aw, Tortie must be adorable in a drawer, too!

      }3 |/_
      </|\ _

      or something like that!

      • Tortie helps build drawers (IKEA) and takes a very proprietary view of them after that. She also likes to slither over the back of one and pop up in the front of the next one down, tunneling through the contents.

        • Aw, Tortie’s slithering ability sounds very impressive! Of course if she helped to build them she deserves to have a claim. Does she also help build cupboard-type furniture?

        • She’s only built drawers so far. And a Poang chair, which she sleeps on whenever she pleases.

        • Every cat should have unlimited access to a Poang.

        • That sounds like a slogan for either an awareness group run by cats, or for IKEA.

  3. Ooh – what a clever girl! And, she looks utterly adorable sitting in that drawer. Arugula is my favourite too and my salad would be pretty safe (unsafe?) around her as it will never have garlic or onion in it.

    • Thanks, Emjay! Ha – I’m sure she would love to share your salad!

  4. I don’t know how I missed this but the whole thing is adorable! The tomato chomping is hilarious! I think she was a good choice, too. Hopefully Ella comes around.

    • Thanks! Lucy’s quite a charmer, though she’s been having some, er, digestive troubles that started while I was away last week. (I think maybe she ate a plant leaf with some nasty protozoa on it or something, ugh.) Today she goes to the vet. I guess it was too good to be true to have two (relatively) low-maintenance cats for very long. But hopefully this is easily treatable and clears up soon.

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