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  • watching Pan Am on DVD over and over, and tracking down the songs playing in the background that don’t appear on the brief soundtrack
  • worrying about the fact that I ought to be reviewing conjugation of key French verbs (instead of actually reviewing them)
  • starting a beginning what-was-I-thinking-this-involves-touching-strangers waltz class
  • drinking pink wine
  • eating pink popsicles
  • yet again rearranging the four pieces of furniture that make up my 120 or so square feet of bedroom-slash-living-room floor space
  • starting books I don’t really have any interest in
  • premature laundry
  • thrift-shopping for hideous ill-fitting spring jackets


  1. Premature laundry?! I usually just buy new clothes before doing laundry, thus leading to a longer laundry cycle each time.

    • I tried that once, but then I couldn’t bring myself to wear new the unwashed things for fear of fabric dye and whatever toxic substances they might have been treated with, not to mention scratchy seams. I’m starting to believe I may have some mental health issues with fabrics and cleanliness. Being a slob in almost every other facet of life, for some reason I gotta wash stuff after very brief usage.

  2. White zinfandel is my secret vice.

  3. oooh waltz class, that IS brave! I always wanted to learn ballroom dancing but ugh the stranger thing, no thanks! I hope you are enjoying it.

    • Agreed- the fear of touching strangers has also stopped me from taking dance classes. I bet waltzing will be fun though. :)

      • This’ll probably be the only ballroom dance class I take! I do love a waltz rhythm though. Oh – music- this reminds me (since Record Store day is upon us) M—–l mentioned a while back you wished you could have gotten the Feist/Mastodon 7″ from last year’s RSD and I have a copy that I probably will never listen to again … would you like it? As my thank you to you for the awesome Nicholas Cage trading card?

        • Oh my gosh, yes please! That’s very kind. Hope you guy pick up some cool things at Record Store Day this time. I dunno if I’ll be able to pick much up but I have my eye on the US issue of I Love You by the Zombies and that super cute Crosley Peanuts record player.

        • Cool! Send me your mailing address (do you still have my email address?) and I’ll send it! Oo, I didn’t even know about the record player… heck yeah cute!!!

    • The steps part was fun – I like the challenge of learning foot patterns and such. The touching strangers wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, since we frequently changed partners, except for the snooty yet creepy guy who reminded me of my dad, the guy who wouldn’t make any eye contact and needed to bathe, and the two 14-year-old boys who appeared to be there as part of a whole family but who clearly did not want to be there, much less dance with a middle-aged lady. I felt sorry for them.

      • Oh the changing partners thing sounds like it is a better thing, it makes sense too. My fear is I’d get stuck with some smelly creepy guy who followed me home. But if I had multiple smelly creepy guys that wouldn’t be so bad.

        • ;P Multiple Smelly Creepy Guys could be a band name. (or MSCG)

  4. Pink wine – Rose? Lovely on a warm afternoon. I like white wines on a hot day (though on a hot day I’m more likely to be in air conditioning!).

    • Bingo! White wines on a hot day are also lovely indeed! Alas we don’t get many hot days in Seattle (though I can’t complain as I’m not very tolerant of them especially since the hot flashes started…).

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