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  1. You’re going? Yay!

    • Yes!!! I’m looking at Oct. 1-9 or thereabouts. Just sent in an inquiry on an apartment rental and checked airfares… Icelandair is looking good. Am suddenly excited about it again!

  2. I’m happy you’ve decided to do this! Sometimes all it takes is a ‘it won’t hurt to just call.’

  3. mmmm waffles! :P That’s so great! I actually thought you already had the arrangements made. You’ve been to Paris, right? when was the last time? (I probably asked a while ago but of course I forget). Well you have plenty of time to plan for a fantastic trip.

    • No, I haven’t been to Paris yet… finally today I took the plunge and put down a deposit on an apartment. Woo-hoo!

      • oh even more exciting! I guess it’s about 6 years ago now, I was pretty set on renting an apartment in Paris for a week and then renting a car and driving to Belgium and Luxembourg for the 2nd week for something different, and found some cute and reasonable apartments in Paris and then just like that I decided to go to West Texas instead.
        Anyway I’m sure you’ll love it.

        • It cracks me up that you opted for West Texas over Paris! Such an adventuress, you are Ms. Cranky! :D

        • I know it was weird but that’s just how it goes sometimes!

        • That probably came out snarkier than I meant … I actually think it’s way cool how you make travel decisions around something unexpected. (Nick Cave and yoga!) If I travelled more I would want to try that.

        • No I didn’t take it as snarky at all!

  4. Yay for traveling! I know you’re going to have a fantastic time. Have you checked out accommodation through AirBnB? That’s what we’re using this trip to Australia now that “my” room is full with a baby.

    • I’m starting to get excited now … I did check out AirBnB – oh my goodness so many options to sift through on that site! – but ended up finding the best fit for my preferences through VRBO.

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