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Lucy, phone-photographed by Kitty, watching safely from a distance that night we downed mulled wine and Trader Joe’s canapes:

Lucy by kitty

Ella, eating, screen-captured in Facetime by M—–l:

ella cropped



  1. What did you do to my beautiful face?!

    • I blurred it to protect your privacy!

    • You want me to post it as it was?

      • Maybe blurring the whole thing would be better. It’s kind of creepy half blurred!

        • It’s a creepy photo of Ella! How about I just crop you out altogether?

        • Whichever is easier.


        • G’night! See you tomorrow!

        • What are you complaining about? I’ve seen your face and it looks exactly like that.

          In completely separate news, I’m over 10 years overdue for new glasses.

  2. Love that shot of Lucy.

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