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This year, some Seattle-ites are excited about the Super Bowl.

Me, I’m excited about the four performances plus dress rehearsal of the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty that I’m gonna see between tonight and February 9.

Perhaps you recall my little obsession with Swan Lake last spring.

Rather than swiping PNB’s photos and/or writing more, I’ll leave you with a link to PNB’s own blog for some background to the magic.  And this preview video.



  1. I think I’ll take the Super Bowl, but the ballet also looks pretty exciting. Did I see Karel Cruz in there?

    • YES!!! >>swoons<>remembers who she is talking to<>swoons anyway because you understand<< I get to see him twice in the prince role!!!

  2. Yay ballet! Boo to football! :D

    I hope you enjoy NWB’s production of Sleeping Beauty. I saw a production in Minnesota many years ago with my daughters. (My son was too young and not into dance, unless he could jump on the stage and run back and forth on it.) It’s become one of those past moments that we still talk about, though my younger daughter was more taken by the performance. My older daughter went to ballet lessons for a year and was disenchanted with the tutu and toe slippers thing.

    • Thank you! It was truly magnificent! It’s nice that you got to see it with your daughters (especially the one who was taken with it). I would have loved to have seen it as a kid, or any of the fairy tale ballets.

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