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Goodbye Muki
Goodbye Lila Bean
Goodbye bicycle
Goodbye drum kits, and aspirations of drumming
Goodbye urges to rock out
Goodbye desire for pop music
Goodbye counter-height table and tipsy stools
Goodbye dollars
Goodbye frequent cooking
Goodbye ovulation

Hello Lucy
Hello car and car payments
Hello right elbow and right heel tendinitis (in good company with the other tendiniti)
Hello Topricin
Hello housecleaner
Hello smaller, softer, quieter life
Hello Mozart, and more Bach
Hello Bix Beiderbecke and Billie Holiday
Hello ballet überfandom
Hello small proper table and chairs
Hello couchlet
Hello soup
Hello malbec
Hello acceptance that I really need to replace the fridge
Hello vague plans for moving to Port Townsend, maybe, although that would preclude a trip to Paris this year

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