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Ella, Lucy, and I went on a little road trip and stayed in a magic cottage the week of Thanksgiving.  The cottage is in Port Townsend, Washington, on the northeastern corner of the Olympic Peninsula.  This means we rode the ferry across the Puget Sound and then crossed the Hood Canal, where we had to wait for the drawbridge.

Sunset from the Hood Canal Bridge

Sunset from the Hood Canal Bridge

The cottage is nestled in trees and bushes in a very quiet spot.

the magic cottage

The magic cottage

Although they didn’t enjoy for the car ride, Ella and Lucy liked the cottage!  They had new spaces  and scents to explore, and birds to watch!

Ella in the magic cottage

Ella prepares to climb up to the loft

Lucy in the magic cottage

Lucy checks out the sunny couch

Ella in the magic cottage

Ella checks out the view from the loft

Lucy in the magic cottage

Lucy doesn’t quite make it up to the loft but enjoyed the view from the ladder

Ella in the magic cottage

Ella looks out the window

Lucy in the magic cottage

Lucy sunbathes

Ella and Lucy in the magic cottage

Both kitties enjoyed the light and shadows… and birds!



  1. That picture of Ella in the window made me laugh, it’s so cute. Great pictures, looks like a lovely little getaway! Yay car for getaways with les chats!

    • Thanks! Ohmigod it was so nice getting away with the kitties! Am hoping to do more of that this year. (Gotta justify the car!)

  2. Oh and thanks for the card! I got it…I think earlier this week? Last week? I don’t know it all runs together anymore, but than you very much!

    • You’re welcome and thank you for the card and socks! I love ’em!!!

  3. Lovely yin and yang kitties! Thank you very much for the Christmas card — it arrived on Thursday!

    • Yay! Glad it got there before Christmas. I wish my kitties would sleep yin and yang but at least there’s no open aggression.

  4. Love the noir late-afternoon shadows in the last two pictures. Surely such a dreamy little cottage might harbor a ghost or two? Or maybe just someone’s lingering memories?

    (Ella and Lucy look supremely cuddlesome, by the way!)

    • Oo, I’m certain there are happy ghostly memories embedded there! Ella and Lucy are indeed cuddlesome, and appreciate being noticed as such.

  5. The cottage is even more magical with their floof!

    • Haha! I think so, too. Floof is essential to happiness!

  6. Eep! Ella and Lucy are so adorable. Looks like the perfect getaway. :)

    • Ella and Lucy send their thanks! It was lovely and peaceful!

  7. That cottage is adorable! Your cats are gorgeous and they really look at home in these surroundings.

    • I think they would like to make that cottage home. They loved all the birds right outside the window, and having new nooks to explore.

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