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Images of Lucy keep revealing themselves…

… in a Halloween window display on my walk to work:

Lucy pumpkin style

Lucy pumpkin-style

…at a neighborhood sushi bar:

Happy Lucy Neko

Happy Lucy Neko

… in the lobby at the ballet:

Lucy-like costume

Lucy will evidently appear in PNB’s next production (The Sleeping Beauty)

… and then this morning on the Capitol Hill blog, in coverage on a new neighborhood restaurant:

Lucy's portrait at Tallulah

Lucy’s portrait at Tallulah’s (with apologies to photographer Alex Garland)



  1. *sings to the tune of the Mojo Nixon song*

    Lucy is everywhere, Lucy is everywhere!

    • Hah! That song actual occurred to me while I was assembling this post.

      And as she proved last night, she may even be in the S.S. Cookie!

  2. [this is good]

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