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  • I am so very behind at work and outside of work.
  • That is just too much homework for a non-credit class.
  • Cough drops do not a meal make.
  • I really want some soup right now.
  • I can’t seem to finish anything I start.
  • I quite like my unfinished drawings, though.


  • I would like to mess around more in watercolor.
  • Early sunsets signal time for hibernation.
  • Given that I my ovaries haven’t produced for 11 months now I think this might really be it.
  • The hot flashes have really ramped up, though.
  • I really love having a car, even if it only gets used to run errands, take cats to the vet, and shuttle me to and from the ballet.
  • Lucy’s face is fully back in business, thank goodness.
  • No wonder everyone at the vet adores Ella:
Ella in my purse

Ella in my purse



  1. I love your drawings. Is it really 4 hours from Seattle to Cincinnati? (I loved your sketch of the back of a plane seat)

    • Thanks, Emjay! As a I recall the scheduled flights are about 4.5 hours one direction and 5.5 the other (longer due to headwinds). They always seem to depart late but still arrive on time, though.

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