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I usually avoid posting things because I typically feel too overwhelmed to respond to comments and I feel guilty that I am not commenting on other people’s posts.   So please don’t take any lack of response from me personally, or feel compelled to leave comments here.

Random bullets:

  • Today I got my bangs back.
  • I started a community college non-credit French class last week to prepare for next October’s trip to Paris.  Like!
  • Lucy scarily has a partially paralyzed face, since a week ago last Sunday.  Cause as yet unknown.  Maybe high blood pressure led to a small stroke?  (she’s been tested twice since then and starts blood pressure medication as soon as the compounded transdermal arrives in the mail).  If she’s not significantly better by the 14th, it’s off to the kitty neurologist for an MRI.  Meanwhile, there’s a twice-daily struggle to administer artificial tears.
  • Ella continues to dislike Lucy.  Ella also has high ionized blood calcium.  The impact of dietary changes will be tested later this month.
  • Ella still doesn’t like Lucy and I kinda regret adopting Lucy.  But I will continue to offer her a forever home and whatever veterinary care she needs.
  • I am really jonesing to buy a car.  All these trips to the vet are getting to be an expensive drag via Zipcar.   A used Mini, a Fiat, or, most sensibly, a Honda Fit are potential choices.  In any case, I dread dealing with the car salesman.  It may well happen this weekend.
  • Work is busy.  That’s good though, due to vet bills, and probably soon a car payment.
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet started its new season last week.  I am still smitten (especially with James Moore and Carrie Imler this go round).  Feel so lucky that this wonderful company is right here in my new hometown.  And turns out, I like Twyla Tharp.
  • I will fly to Cincinnati for a 6-day visit later this month (barring any veterinary emergencies).
  • I’m looking forward to seeing the Cincinnati Ballet’s Swan Lake when in town.  Even if it’s not PNB.
  • Last week I turned 49.  WTF.
  • Ce vendredi, j’apprends faire des crêpes.  (I probably said that incorrectly.)
  • Am currently reading Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit and Danny Gregory’s The Creative License.
  • Here are a few random sketches and photos:
Mr. Allen Toussaint

ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Allen Toussaint


birthday cake at Dilettante


the wine that inexplicably reminded me of Florida.


Beth Orton, waiting for that first-time feeling


On the #43, late for meeting Kitty @ the movies (Thérèse)



  1. Poor Lucy, and Ella, and you. But especially Lucy. She already had a squishy face, so I can’t imagine what she looks like paralyzed.

    Our insurance company had some program where they did all the negotiating and haggling and such when we bought the new car. We filled out a form with what we wanted and they did all the arguing. We then drove to the dealer and there it was all shiny and clean. You still have to sign a ton of papers and they try to sell you all kinds of extra warranties and stuff, but you get the make, model, and features you want without some guy trying to fast-talk you into automatic heated seats and fancy stereos and such. Plus they tell you the amount in advance. They get quotes from all the local dealers, who then compete for your business!

    I don’t know if they do that for used cars, but they might if you’re getting it from some dealer instead of just a dude from the for sale ads.

    Anyway, you should call your insurance company and ask. Also they can tell you what will be the cheapest to insure in your area.

    • Great suggestion – thanks!

      Lucy’s still cute, but in a worrisome kind of way.

  2. Happy belated birthday, homebody! Nice to see that you treated yourself (got treated?) to birthday cake!

  3. Learned recently that Costco does auto purchase brokering. We used another broker once years ago, really liked it. I know some folks take pride in haggling, but to me it’s like going on a game show where the biggest wanker gets $500 or something.

    Also, I am terrible about commenting most of the time. Hope the kitty thing works out.

  4. happy belated birthday, Beth! hope things get better soon for Ella, Lucy and yourself.

    • Thank you, Mariser! Lucy is periodically semi-blinking, so that’s good.

  5. Happy belated birthday!! Woweee! Paris! That is so great. I guess I missed a post about that. I am excited for you. And yay for taking a French class. I hope Ella and Lucy start getting along! And I hope Lucy’s paralysis gets better too.

  6. Oh, I think I’m jealous! I really enjoy not having a car (nearly 14 years now! – can’t believe I’ve lasted that long) but lately I’ve found myself thinking “wish I had a car”. Did you decide on a name?

    • Wow, 14 years! That’s great! Sounds like you are in a similar state of mind. If you do decide to get one, you can pat yourself on the back for many years of doing without, no? Oh, yes – she is Audrey! The letters “AOD” are on the permanent license plates I picked up this past weekend, so that was what decided it.

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