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She’s still here.

Her name is Lucy.

The above photo is courtesy of the family veterinary clinic.

She’s quite playful.



  1. Lol, too cute, is that what they mean when they say – a face that only a mother could love! (just kidding) – she looks like Conficuous.

    • Oh, yeah, I can see that. She also looks to me a bit like a crying baby in that top photo.

  2. When she’s not playing with that pink thing, she hangs out in an ice cave waiting for a stupid Jedi to walk by.

    • She’s become less Wampa-looking since I cleaned up her eyes. Hey, wait a minute… you’re not implying that Ella is a stupid Jedi, are you?

  3. love the action shots, especially the 3rd one. long Lucy is long.

    • She is! When she stretches her full length it is quite impressive. She also stands tall. Unfortunately she likes to do so in the middle of the night, on my torso, while kneading, and her claws need trimming.

  4. What a tiny little face on such a big amount of catness! (And she really does look like a wampa)

    How are the interactions?

    • Hee! Her face looks more proportioned when her eyes are open. Although every other cat’s eyes look small to me compared to Ella’s.

      Still in flux. While M—–l was here, Lucy cowered and hid most of the time, so things seemed peaceful. Then she gained courage/lost fear of Ella and became aggressive toward Ella every evening around bed-time. I’ve learned to divert that with a toy and active playtime. Unfortunately now she’s addicted to Da Bird and Ella now also tried to get it simultaneously, and I’m sure you can imagine when happens then. So, we still have night-time tension, as well as Lucy begging for more time with Da Bird. But I think in general things are still improving.

      • Sounds exactly like Tortie and TK and feather on a stick. As long as they aren’t ripping each others’ fur out, you’re still ahead of me.

        Try having two Da Birds, one in each hand?

        • Good suggestion, but I don’t trust myself not to accidentally hurt the cat with one in the left hand. When Muki was young, he enjoyed a Da Bird until it accidentially hit him in the head, poor li’l guy. Then he was terrified of it. I don’t ever want to repeat that and can only give one Da Bird my full attention at a time. But I have been offering a second less risky toy in the oher hand. It’s not nearly as attractive to the cats, though.

        • Luckily TK doesn’t mind when things hit him in the head. Sometimes he doesn’t even notice.

  5. awwwwww!! so cute. she’s a lucky girl!!

    • She’s a sweetie! She is lucky to have found a sucker who would spring for dental work in the first month. Today she has a recheck, so hopefully will be medically all clear for a year.

  6. Oh, she has a wonderful scrunched up face. She’s incredibly fluffy.

    • I love her fluffiness! Unfortunately she’s not keen on being brushed, and needs it, so this weekend she’s getting a professional grooming with haircut.

  7. Your header photo speaks volumes. A great photo of a moment of detente.

    • Detente’s the perfect word! And they’ve made progress: for the past two nights they’ve been sleeping on my bed within 2 to 3 feet of each other!

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