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She arrived Thursday night.

My foster mom called me Yuki

My foster mom called me Yuki…

She’s 10 years young, and oh so sweet.

The name she came with was Yuki.  I have been told by several people I care about this is too close to Muki.

I might not change it.   It suits her.

If I do, two potential choices are Yeti and Zuzu.

Other name ideas are welcome.

She spent the first night in the bathroom, and last night was free range.  She already seems to have settled in, and Ella, while still a little wary, but generally doing okay with all this.  Which is good since my goal was to find a companion for her.  When they get too close to each other, there is a little hissing, and then one of them (usually YukiYetiZuzu) slowly skulks away, and then things are cool.  If that’s where things stand after only 36 hours, I’m very optimistic that friendship will follow.

We’re under the influence of Feliway!



  1. Oooh, you now have ying and yang kitties! Congratulations on everything going well so far. I think Zuzu is an adorable name.

    • Thanks, Laurie! I know I rushed the introduction a bit, but they were already pawing at each other through a baby gate/cracked bathroom door. Luckily nothing bad seems to have come of my haste in that regard.

      I like Zuzu, too, and it’s close-ish to Yuki. And I read on some baby name website that it means “lily” in some language (Czech?).

      • According to another baby name site, it means “sweet” in Yiddish. Seems quite appropriate.

  2. love your new cover picture up there.

    I agree the name Yuki seems to suit her. she’s beautiful and probably jealous of Ella’s summer ‘do.

    you are such a good person to adopt an older cat. hope you three girls can have many happy years together

    • Thanks, Mariser! Ella is 9, so I wanted a kitty close in age to her, and also sweet and shy. She had been in a foster home (with a couple of other kitties) for two months, so there was good information on how she interacted with other cats, and seemed like a good match for Ella.

  3. Love your new banner photo. The new girl is so fluffy – I want to run my fingers through her fur. I like the name Zuzu.

    • Her fur is incredibly soft … she’s still a little shy about being brushed and pet, but her foster mom said she made a lot of progress in two months.

  4. She’s lovely – I think Yuki suits her ( meaning snow) and she does have an asian look about her – to me anyway, I have no idea why.

    • I really like that Yuki means snow.

      Maybe I’ll call her Yukizuzu,

      • Not to be confused with quasimodo, (which just immediately popped into my mind, lol, sorry).

        • Oops, good point. Maybe Suzu-yuki then.

          At any rate, in my mind she’s rapidly solidifying as merely Yuki.

  5. HB, do you know if Yuki/ Yeti/ Zuzu is a rescue like Ella was?

    • Yes, I adopted her through the same rescue organization as Ella. She was “voluntarily surrendered” by someone who was overwhelmed with too many pets, and was apparently in pretty rough shape when her foster mom get her two months ago.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Mrs. Yetty Wampa.

  7. If she’s been Yuki for so many years, I don’t think I’d change her name. That’s like telling a 50-60 year old person they have a new name for someone else’s convenience.

    If she’s only been Yuki for a little bit, Zuzu is adorable. But I like Yuki anyway.

    I guess I’m not helping. She’s too cute to be Yeti, aren’t they ugly?

    • Yeti would be an ironic name. She does have a fierce expression at times due to the shape of her face and the stained fur in the folds below her eyes, but she is such a sweet girl; she and Ella are almost friends. Almost…

      I don’t know how long she’s been Yuki. I have been calling her Yuki as well as Zuzu and more recently, Lucy. Kiki has been another contender. For her vet records, I am leaning toward Lucy being her official on-paper name … while continuing to call her Yuki, etc.

      • Yeti doesn’t have the oo sound that the others do, which it seems like she needs.

        • She is definitely responsive to Yuki and Lucy, the ones I say out loud the most.

          Hmm, I just thought of another one: Cookie.

        • But then all your Babos will eat her!

          YukiLucy it is. LucyYuki.

  8. Mrs. Yukizuzu Yetimomo

    • Ah, yes, Momo … a name I am still saving for a future kitty.

  9. Hello, WCTSNAN! It’s very nice to meet you! You are very fluffy indeed!

    • Aw, she sends her thanks! (hmm… Snan would be a cute name …)

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