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Ella in an Expedit

Ella in an Expedit

… but probably not solitary for long.  I spent too much time today on Petfinder, and made an appointment to meet a kitty at a foster home Thursday evening.

But for now, Ella is enjoying having all of the attention.

Ella on the perch

Ella on the perch



  1. Awww, it’s the Littlest Bantha!

    • Yeah … she’s been sleeping in Lila’s former perch the last couple of days, and looks so tiny there compared to Lila.

  2. awwww lookit the smooshy lil black face!! so cute. good luck to both/all(?) of you!! eeeeee!

    • Thanks! The urge to find another friend for Ella struck much sooner than I expected. She’s been super needy/clingy for the past couple of weeks. It’s endearing but I worry I’m not enough of a companion for her. The reality is she will probably resent a newcomer at least at first. I’m looking for another small shy girl so Ella won’t feel threatened.

  3. Is the new one also black, or are you diversifying?

    If we lost TK the stoopid tuxie, I wouldn’t get another: Miss Tortie would loooooooove to be the only kitty. But if Tortie goes first, I might be amenable to getting a little frisky kitten. Tuxie is already way too needy about us, which is ridiculous since he forgets who the hell we are if we’re out of town for more than 4 days.

    But Ella looks beautiful in her solitude.

  4. The first thing I thought when I saw the top photo was that your cubes match my green dress! Then what a great photo of Ella in there. Though I don’t know what an Expedit is she goes well in it.

    • Ha! I can see that about the green! An Expedit is a piece of furniture from Ikea, very popular as an inexpensive storage unit with various options for inserts like the green and white doors in mine. Aw, thanks for the Ella feedback!

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