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Dearest Muki, my little bunny,

I hope your sweet spirit is joyously tugging on and humping that favorite toy of yours, licking all the plastic you want (and chewing the heck out of the aspidistra), eating the crunchies you could no longer have when your kidneys and teeth could no longer deal with them, relishing a good chin brushing, snuggling with Lila (and enjoying the thrill of the pounce after all that grooming but please don’t hurt her), howling over a catnip sausage link, sleeping blissfully curled up (and saving space for me to snuggle around you when my time comes), licking up all of the Amy’s broccoli and cheddar pocket cheese goo, and peeing wherever the heck you please.

You were the feline love of my life, my friend and my worry for nearly 20 years.  I will love and miss you forever.

young Muki

Muki at 20



  1. I think you need to find that painting you did of Lila and Muki together, clean off the soap bubbles, and hang it in an honored spot in your house. Maybe over a door (where Ella won’t be able to fling eye boogers on it).

    I’m sorry that Muki wasn’t able to live forever; he certainly tried. As always, call me if you need me.

  2. Muki was beautiful, I’m sorry you have to miss her now.

    • Miss *him*, I mean. (Apologies, dear Muki for getting it wrong.)

  3. *tears*

    So sorry. Our critters are such a big part of our lives, little furry constants. Hard to see them go.

  4. I’m so very sorry.

  5. Awww I’m so sorry, Homey. *hugs* rest in peace, Mukster, lovely boy. 20 years is a long damn time. Wow.

  6. I’m so so sorry, Homey. Muki unzipped his kitty suit…his friendly spirit remains with you

  7. Thank you, all.

  8. aw, after 20 years you just expect them to go on forever. What a lovely boy Muki was. What a bad kitteh year for you.


    • Thank you, LT. Five years ago I never imagined he would actually reach 20, so I was lucky. But yeah, once he turned a certain corner it seemd he might be immortal.

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