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Still working on this one
Swan in progress
5th or 3rd in progress



  1. I especially like that second one. lol @ ‘ballet is the new revereware’!!

    • Thanks! That tag refers to a Revereware obsession I had a couple of years ago (can’t remember if I posted anything on that) and the ridiculous amount of time (and money) I was spending on ebay to acquire certain vintage pots and pans and a coffeemaker that I of course never use.

      • Oh I remembered you mentioning the Reverware thing though you didn’t talk a lot about it. I have a couple old saucepans of my moms.

        • Well, it’s probably best that I spared everyone except Michael with “dutch oven countdown” and my anxieties about the pot in which I was convinced had seem some cannibal mass murderer use, or at the very least hobo toilet use.

          I have my mom’s, too! and use ’em pretty much daily.

  2. I think the ballerina in the middle might need that Revereware hobo toilet!

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