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Early this week one of my officemates shared a taste of the exquisite macarons she had made in a cooking class last weekend. I had never had a macaron before, and was entranced by their cuteness.

Not to mention how nicely they matched the painting in the office.

And the surprising flavors: she and her cooking partner had made rose macarons, while the other two varieties made by their classmates were red pepper & parmesan (!) and chocolate something.  (They were all wonderful, but apparently very complicated to make, and I won’t be attempting to learn.)

So today I decided to check out the macarons at two bakeries in my neighborhood.  I started off on my “tour de sweet” (to borrow the CakeSpy phrase) by walking down 12th Ave to Ba Bar.


and bought three: mango, salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut

IMG_3648and started walking back up 12th Ave.

After two blocks, only the chocolate hazelnut remained.

I decided to stretch the pleasure out a bit by stopping to smell some roses.


The next block, after I had finished the third macaron, I came upon an available car2go and decided to drive the mile and a half up to my next stop, the North Hill Bakery, so the sugar high would not dip before I got there.  (Besides, if I had walked, I would have arrived just in time for the wine tasting at the wine shop next to the bakery, which surely would have led to buying three bottles of wine to take home.)

So at the North Hill Bakery, where they do not make macarons,


I got a chocolate croissant.


It was kind of disappointing, but that may have largely been because of it was too hot and sunny to be eating a chocolate croissant and of course I had just eaten three macarons.

And then I started walking down 15th Ave.  I bypassed the Wandering Goose,


which also sells pastries like large cookies, biscuits, and cinnamon buns, but by this time it was macarons or bust.

I kept walking until I arrived at the newest bakery in the neighborhood, the appropriately named Bakery Nouveau.


But their case contained no macarons!   Though their first shop in West Seattle is known for them, I had to select something else.  So I got two confections:


A coconut cream thing, which reminded me of my mom’s too-rich homemade Easter eggs, and a minted chocolate, which I loved.  And by the time I finished these, guess what appeared in the pastry case?


It was raspberry, and it lasted just long enough to enjoy it at home, offset by my favorite green.




  1. What a wonderfully decadent day! I hope you weren’t too ill. I concur about making macarons — they’re way too complicated. I’m content to leave them to the professionals, too.

    • The day would have been better if I had stopped after the first 3 macarons, but I would have feel the nagging “what if…” sensation if I hadn’t followed through to the point of too much.

  2. oh my goodness, I feel a little ill myself just reading it! They all sound so delicious except I have actually cut way back on sugar and no longer crave it like I used to (I still do a bit but it’s easily satisfied, and too much will not sit well). But I kind of miss indulging in these kinds of goodies…though maybe not quite to this extent ;-)

    • After all that I’m trying to cut way back, too. Just had my first sugar since then, in the form of a mocha coffee, which tasted extra nice after a little abstinence.

      • How have your elbows been? I try (often unsuccessfully…) not to give unsolicited advice but I’ve been reading a lot of articles on lately and they say that sugar and gluten are inflammatory so I’m wondering if avoiding that may help you. anyway here’s an article from huffpo:
        If you care to read it, if not, you can ignore it or tell me to f off! I have not been eating as much gluten and generally I feel better but I have seen people comment about aches and pains going away and stuff. A lot more people are gluten sensitive than realize it. I’m becoming an annoying health nut I guess. ;-) But every time I think about your elbow problems I cringe because it must be so awful.

        • Aw, crap I just wrote a looonng response and then accidentally hit the delete key and there seems to be no “undo” option – arrgggh! Anyway – elbows still problematic but less so, “yes” to many of those inflammatories and I should really make an effort to cut back on all of them … maybe that would help the hot flashes and weight gain, too… your health advice is in no way annoying! Thank you.

        • Oh that is annoying about losing the reply, I do that to myself all too often on my netbook.

  3. Macarons are okay, but I can’t say no to spicy buns. They’re the best!

    • I’m not sure how to respond to that. Are we talking about the aftermath of a spicy meal, cinnamon rolls, or something lewd?

  4. Sounds delightful! And kind of like last Monday where I wandered with mariser and lauowolf and we had many small sweet things (though not this many).

    • Oo, sounds like you had a voxpeepmeet adventure! Where was this?

      • It was in San Francisco, and there were books and tea as well as noms.

        But I forgot to take any pictures! mariser has the LTSB-mSB photos.

        • Oo, oo, I see they are starting to show up on the PfSB site!

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