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This was Ella last week, when Seattle weather began to get warm (peaking at 87 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday).

Ella in the morning


This is Ella after she got a haircut this morning.





  1. I’m sorry, Ella, but that made me laugh out loud! (She looks like a cartoon cat.)

    • It cracks me up, too every time I see it! I think she feels better, though. Here she is lounging in her favorite window:  
      After, happy

    • I laughed and thought cartoon too.

      • It’s the angle the photo was taken at, too, makes her look cartoony.

        • Yep. But it still made me laugh at the first sight. She looks fine in the later one.

      • She still looks like a cartoon, and seems oblivious to the fact that she is anything but utterly adorable. Which she still is to me, cartoon cut and all.

  2. She does look kind of blissed there.

    • Definitely much happier than the droopy kitty she was yesterday.

  3. Lol – too cute – is she mortified by it? Our neighbours cat Charlie had to be shaved every summer and he wouldn’t come out from under the house for a couple of days afterwards.

    • Aw, poor Charile! Ella seemed okay with it, quite comfortable after settling in at home. I think she may have had this kind of cut 3 years ago, since her hair was a bit short when I adopted her that August … plus she got lots of positive attention at the vet this morning (where it happened).

  4. “How could you, her one beauty!”

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