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  • Like I suggested for the opera, opt for an inexpensive seat for your solo subscription, and then upgrade it for the productions you really care about (and add on for anything you want to share with someone else).
  • Figure out which productions you really want to see particular leads in, check the cast lists a week or two before the production begins, and switch your ticket or buy tickets to additional performances accordingly.
  • Take the bus there and back.  You’ll need to save your dollars for tickets.
  • Do bring a sketchbook.  That way you will have something to do while waiting for the curtain to go up…


… and during intermission…


… and maybe even in the dark while the performance is going on …

This is a swan.

This is two swans.

I don’t really know what this is.

  • During intermission, seek out magical things that may be on display.
Swan Lake Cupcakes

yes, please


it’s fun to draw them sometimes

  • If you liked the performance, applaud like you mean it.   Holler and stand up, dammit!  It usually feels good to do, and those dancers worked very hard for your entertainment.  Example:

  • Go home and dream of swans or nobel princes or princesses or whatever beautiful images stay with you from the experience.


  1. If we can’t draw, can we bring a regular book? Perhaps one apropos to the topic?

    • Absolutely! A book is good to have on hand for any occasion.

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