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in approximately retrograde order …

greetings from La Conner

Last Tuesday:


The Saturday before that:

Neptune's Eye

The Thursday before that:

Elliott Bay Cafe

Soup, biscuit @ Elliott Bay Cafe

I need to remember to post some photos from this day:
Underground Tour bar

Michael in the Bowl

Richard Buckner Day (March 7):

Richard Buckner

Family night:
1The Moore


Late February:
I heart Pettirosso mochas!



  1. I’ve been thinking about doing a post called “The History of Me in Art” where I post all the times I’ve been drawn or painted. Can I include the one shown above?

    If not, my next post will be called “Even More CDs on the Floor”.

    • Certainly, although I would enjoy seeing even more CDs on the floor.

      I have a few more sketches of you that are only visible my Flickr friends when they are logged into their Flickr accounts … let me know if you no longer have a Flickr account with which to do that and want those sketches emailed.

  2. That first food picture is making me hungry. What was it?

    • Mushroom risotto cakes, on a balsamic beet glaze (or something like that) and broccoli rabe with both red and white wine! That was part of a Washington wine tasting dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Flora. It was a splurge, but really, really good.

  3. I really like your drawings. What is the eyeball looking thing?

    • Thanks! The eyeball thingee was the stage background at Josh Ritter’s concert. He has a song called “Evil Eye” on his new album so I imagined it as an evil eye, although his concert was one of the most uplifting concerts I’ve ever experienced. Here is a crappy phone photo:

      Lavender took much better pictures. (I met the Lavenders there which made it even more fun!)

  4. Love your drawings! My mom sent me to art lessons when I was a girl about 8 years old, I think. It was a failure and probably sent me straight down the science path! I do admire those with an artist talent.

    Is that pumpkin soup? Looks delicious!

    • Thank you! Well, I was too afraid to take chemistry in high school (seriously!) and admire you scientists!

      It wasn’t pumpkin, but might have been another squash or perhaps carrot ginger soup, and it was delicious!

  5. I love your sketches. And, the food photos are making me hungry.

    • Thanks, Emjay! The food photos make me hungry as well. :)

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