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I have a folder on my computer of photos from November 2011, named “declutter weekend.”  Here are a couple of those photos:

that bookcase

that bookcase

my "dresser"

my “dresser”

Here we are in March 2013 … a couple of weeks ago, on Presidents Day, I finally began to attack That Bookcase and part of the closet in which the “dresser” lives.  This weekend I plan to finish the closet.  The decluttering of That Bookcase won’t be complete until some male muscles are here to do a bit of furniture moving and hauling the dead wood to donate.  Already, though, it feels easier to move in here (partly because today I found a taker for my too large and too dark table and stools, to be replaced by something compact from Ikea next weekend).



  1. I am male. I have a muscle. Let me!

    • Aw, crap, I just realized I never answered you guys here, or followed up with glorious “after” photos. Thanks for all the help of your muscles while you were here. I love my new table and all the cleared-up space!

  2. It’s been exactly a year since you and M—l and our SBs bought records and drank sangria. Sigh.

    It’s all gloomy and cold today though, not wonderful like it was then.

    • That was such a fun day! SB98122 still talks about it. He wants to go back!

      Is it springtime in Bay Area now?

      • It has been springtime for a month or more! LTSB is up for it too.

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