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  • Own any drum kits.  The elbow/forearm tendinits shows no signs of abating, and my tiny pad doesn’t have room for unused gear (even if they did make okay draping structures for partially-dirty clothing), so sadly said goodbye to both kits.  The good news is that they will be put to great use by Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (and I can report the donation on my taxes).  I kept the sticks, brushes and mallets, though … just in case.
  • Own a bicycle.  She’s on her way to KawZulul-Natal, South Africa, via Bicycles for Humanity.  (Hand-braking and steering require too much elbow).  That also frees up closet capacity that was occupied by helmet, pump, shoes and other random gear (and yielded another donation receipt).
  • Want my counter-height table or its stools.
  • Can haul it down to storage.
  • Will ignore those calls from nonprofits offering to pick up donations of household goods.
  • Scrub my own bathroom or kitchen, since I blew out the right elbow scrubbing my tub a couple of months ago.  I have since hired a bi-weekly housecleaner.  She vacuums and dusts, too.  What a luxury this is, but worth every dollar.
  • Am afraid of the Sonicare.  Blowing out the right elbow means that manual teethbrushing is painful.  So overcame my aversion to the nails-on-chalkboard vibration sensation and went electric. Being able to hold the Sonicare with two hands makes it quite doable.
  • Open sealed jars.  Instead, a battery-operated crab-looking thingee from Hamilton Beach does the job.
  • Like chocolate.  (Just kidding.)
  • Listen to anything except sad bastard music.
  • Believe Muki will die anytime soon.  He had a check-up a week ago, and his bloodwork still looks okay — his kidney values even improved a bit over last summer, though he did lose another pound.


  1. Oh wowwwww I’m so sorry to hear about your elbow problems, That is pretty major. Sad about the drums but VERY cool where it went!! :) Glad to hear Muki is doing okay. I have no idea about Elvis. I keep dreaming about freedom but I love the little bastard and am happy when he has days like today where we took a decently long walk and he started running when he was a couple houses before home. Ugh it’s so hard when they are old but it’s great when they are feeling okay and it’s less of a worry. *gentle hugs* *you don’t have to hug back if it hurts your elbow*

    • Thanks, Cranks! Haha – I can hug as long as I don’t engage the forearm muscles but that would be a pretty weird hug, kinda like a dead-fish handshake. I’ll accept pity, though :) Aw, I’m glad Elvy’s still having days that make you happy. But yeah, some freedom will be good one day.

  2. Is there anything that can be done other than avoiding overuse?

    I’m glad the drums are going to a good cause.

    • ice and ibuprofen help relieve it. Also, I went through a long course of physical therapy for the left one that I could repeat for both. It’s hard to avoid overusing both when it comes to housekeeping, grocery shopping, carrying anything – as soon as I put out the right one, had to rely on the left one and it got all inflamed again. Yeah, the drums have a happy new home. The RCRCG director sent me a photo of the electronic ones already getting used at an outreach event. That made my day!

  3. Bleah. Tendinitis can be such a sucky thing. Guitar-related: over the years I learned to mouse with my left hand, and eventually got a car with an automatic transmission, to put less strain on my right hand/arm (I don’t know why the picking hand should be the one that bothered me–something about the way I play, perhaps). But now I don’t pick up the guitar all that often, so the issue is mostly moot. :-(

    • I’m sorry you’re not picking up the guitar much, and that your right hand and arm were troubled. (“Guitar elbow”?) Sounds like you had a smart approach for taking care of it, though.

      My brother observed that every time we get together, the first thing we do is talk about our aches and pains. I guess this means we’re getting old. Bleah indeed!

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