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Babo and Pinkasaurus watch Upstairs Downstairs on New Years Day


Yes, I really do have a hideously pink television.  The wall isn’t quite that hideous, but it is pink.



  1. I can vouch for the hideousness of that particular shade of pink. It somehow manages to work, though.

  2. What a charming domestic scene.

    I recognize Babo, Pinkasarus, and their chair.

    • Thanks for your kind words! They and the cats and I were very cozy indoors on a cold* day. (*by Seattle standards, which isn’t very cold at all, but still I was glad to stay indoors.)

  3. I had no idea TVs came in pink.

    • I found it on Amazon a couple of years ago. But it turned out to be kind of crap – the built-in DVD player stopped working almost immediately, and there’s no controlling the aspect ratio (it stretches everything to its width without bothering with changing the height proportionately).

  4. I’ve never seen a pink television – only Barbie’s. – actually I didn’t realise tvs came in anything other than black/grey/brown shades . I’m sorry it turned out to be a crappy one. I quite partial to pink myself – my bedroom walls are sort of crimson/rose.

    • It’s amazing what you can find on the internet by searching on pink _____. Yes, Barbie and also Hello Kitty seem to have the pink market cornered, but there are also pink refrigerators, microwaves, litterboxes, bike tires, drum kits, even tool kits! If I had more money, I would get one of these (in pink or perhaps red):

      • I’ll bet all records would sound better on a pink turntable! How ultra cool.

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