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litterboxes on Friday:

I live in litterboxes.

symphony on Saturday:


conductor and cellos

scones on Monday:

blueberry scones in the oven

Apparently I have a long-standing interest in watching the oven:

entertained by baking



  1. Oh, man, your litter area drawing reminds me of my litter area, which needs a good cleaning. The sprinkles on the mat in front of the box are exactly like at my place. Only I have no surplus litter at the moment, the BF just loaned his car to his cousin, so can’t help me bring a big surplus container home from the grocery store, and now I’m going to have to lug smaller (but still heavy) containers home from the store myself in two trips to change everything up.

    Sorry to ramble, but that’s how realistic (good) that drawing is — it immediately transported me to my own litter situation. Also, I love your cellos.

    • Thanks! Ugg, I hear you about the litter lugging. I usually do the mulitiple small bag approach. Exhausting! Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in the stuff. (There’s a third box for Muki in the other room – bleah!)

      • At least I can get cat food delivered, so that’s a bit less lugging…

        • I can actually get cat litter delivered, but that requires more advance planning than I can usually manage. But I really should stock up for the winter that way!

  2. We have 3 litter boxes… in 3 different rooms. So you can imagine how far and wide the particles go.

    But I don’t have any blueberry scones. I had a Krispy Kreme today, though.

    I never got a chair in front of the oven, though.

    • You’ve got cat installation art going! You’ve seen Why Cats Paint, right?

      All hail the might donut! I don’t have any donuts, or doughnuts either.

      I no longer have a chair by the oven. I have to sit on the floor which is why the drawing is more askew than usual.

      • Yes, we have Why Cats Paint. One of our chairs has been thoroughly sculpted/deconstructed by Tortie.

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