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I long for a home with

  • a south-facing or east-facing window over the kitchen sink.   The kitchen has cupboards that were built no more recenly than, say, 1960.  I have painted them white or happy colors.  The kitchen sink is the old white enameled kind.  There are herbs growing in pots on the window sill, and the window has a view of a small garden.  I grow tomatoes and more herbs in the garden.  There is also a peony bush out there.  I keep my dried herbs and spices in a drawer or cupboard like my father did, and every time I open it, the collected spice fragrances are released.
  • a porch with a rocking chair or two or maybe a porch swing.  Small is fine.  I will sit out there and drink iced tea on summer evenings, maybe with a visitor or two sometimes.  I think maybe it faces west and attracts long shadows in the late summer afternoons.
  • a small bedroom with eastern exposure.
  • at least one big old tree nearby.
  • cross-breezes.
  • real wood floors.
  • folk, blues or jazz chanteuses chanteusing on the stereo while I cook dinner.  (Rock and roll is best at lunch.)
  • an attic with standing-room and a window would be neat if I can afford more than one story.
  • a bathroom with a window.  Doesn’t matter what direction it faces as long as it actually opens.  The sink is old, as are the tiles.  Black and white tiles would be nice.  There is enough space for a litterbox or two.
  • places to string festive little lights.
  • a ceiling fan if the summers are hot.
  • odd nooks.
  • built-in bookshelves would be nice, especially in the odd nooks.
  • both early morning and late afternoon sunlight.  I like to watch the shadows shift.
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