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While I was busy this weekend running away from my decluttering plans, trying to do too much of other things, I had a sort of mini-epiphany.  Not an original thought, but it suddenly dawned on me:

It’s nice to have some leftovers.

Leftover time

Leftover food

Leftover wine

Leftover money

Leftover space

Leftover capacity

Leftover energy

Leftover things to do next time

I have a tendency to try and fully expend any of these every time, and I suspect will feel much better if I make a practice of keeping some to spare on all fronts – for future use, or simply to not use at all.

This is basically restating a bunch of other healthy maxims: everything in moderation, living within one’s means, leaving room to breathe, don’t try to do too much at once.

Sometimes these are difficult for me to gauge, but it’s often clear if there is something left over.

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