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On Saturday I had a delightful day, hanging out with the lovely Silverchimes, who was in the area for work and made the journey into my neck of the woods.  We went music-shopping and had Seattle-style Mexican food and cupcakes. It was so nice meeting her, and I found myself wishing we were real-life neighbors.

On Sunday morning, I remembered dreaming of discovering a second kitchen, accessible through a door hidden behind the refrigerator in my kitchen.  In this second kitchen, there was a typical stove and a second stove-top installed on the floor.  This kitchen had a small, glass-doored refrigerator, running, filled with breakfast pastries that I realized must have been at least 5 years old.  There was also a typical refrigerator, and behind it a door into a large walk-in closet with a window.  Beyond that, I didn’t venture in the dream.  I was mainly interested in the floor-level stove-top and the pastries.

Despite the cold rain I decided to venture out to see some unique dwellings for sale in my neighborhood, and a movie.  The unique dwellings are built into a century-old re-purposed church, exceedingly expensive, located across the street from a hospital, and odd in their vertical scale, windows that filter light in but don’t allow a view of the world outside (except at the very highest levels), and curiously incorporated fragments of pediments, moulding, etc.   However, if I were a wealthy urban vampire, this might be just the ticket:

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The movie, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, was very interesting though didn’t move me as much as I thought it might based upon rave reviews by others.  It didn’t help that I found the viewing experience physically uncomfortable due to the 3D presentation (perhaps because I was sitting somewhat to the side, it was a strain to focus on the screen through the 3D glasses), and the spongy reclining seat in the newly renovated SIFF Uptown Cinema (I prefer my movie seat to have a stable back support).  Some of the score was lovely, though, especially the angelic voices.

Monday morning I was late to work once again.  The sun rewarded me.

If I made it to the office on time, I would miss the morning light.

Today it is raining again.

Which leads me to this single which I’d picked up when Silverchimes & I were in Everyday Music because of the cover art and because I thought I might have had an album by Christina Rosenvinge (I did) and I might also have already owned the CD single (I didn’t).  I mean, just look at this cover art:

Here is the first song on it:



  1. Did you happen to see my Jimmy Stewart suitcase key in your second kitchen or mysterious walk-in closet? I can’t find that key anywhere.

    • I did not, but will look around for it in real-life.

  2. Had such a lovely time on Saturday!

    Your dream made me think of the movie “Ghost Busters”…you know, with the Sumerian god in the refrigerator.

    Perfect song for the rainy weather. It seems I’m taking the rain with me to Louisiana. Hope you get lots of sunshine later this week.

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