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The Moore turned 100 in 2007.

I did the free tour this past Saturday morning.  I learned you can hear a coin drop on stage from the second balcony (on which my fear of heights strongly kicked in and which used to be the segregated seating), it has its own friendly ghost, it is nestled into the Moore Hotel, it is built 100 below the site of the former Denny/Washington Hotel (demolished to make way for the flattening of Denny Hill).

before and after

I took a bunch of pictures.

Here are some of my favorite perspectives:


the grand lobby


view from the stage of house right


view from the first balcony


meeting places (and where more boxes used to be)


above the second balcony

While it’s still a very ornamental interior to my eyes, some of the original grandeur, as well as most of the box seats, has been lost or faded or crumbled away, as compared to this 1920ish postcard:

Moore Theatre circa 1920 (Source: Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History)


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  1. Wow that is really pretty! Nice shots, too.

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